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Alternate Reality - The Remake -


Curses cause you to lose Stats of Hit Points (and, sometimes, to die), depending on what you've been Cursed with. Example: A Curse of Clumsiness causes you to lose Skill points.

There are two ways of being Cursed: picking up a Cursed item or being cursed by a dying enemy.

If you see the message CURSED! on the screen, but don't "act" cursed, don't get cocky.
Some Curses don't show effects up front. Get rid of Curses before sleeping at an Inn, since some Curse effects catch you napping.

Any Guild you belong to removes Curses. Or you can use a Remove Curse Scroll or hope to meet a Sage from your Guild who will agree to remove the Curse.

Once a Curse is eliminated, you stop losing Stats of Hit Points. Some curses even give you back all the points you lost (whew!).

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