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Alternate Reality - The Remake -


Disease, untreated, causes death. Contracting a Disease results in Hit Point and Stat loss in line with the severity of the infection (some Diseases have an incubation period of several days). Diseases can be fatal, although many simply run their course (occasionally resulting in permanent damage).
If you get a Disease, drink a Potion that Cleanes or seek out a Healer. If you're clawed or bitten in an Encounter, find a Healer to prevent possible infection.

There's a special case of Disease that only happens in the Crystal Caverns. The walls there are sharp and jagged and one scratch can leave you afflicted with the dreadful Crystal Doom. Its effects are gradual, beginning with increased Strength and Stamina, but decreased Hit Points and Skill, until you finally turn to solid Crystal!

There are three ways to contract Disease:
  • 1. Contact with bacterial spores from Mold and Slime
  • 2. Being clawed by a diseased creature
  • 3. Being bitten by a diseased creature

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