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Alternate Reality - The Remake -

Doors & Walls


As you travel through The Dungeon, you'll see many doors. Some doors are ordinary, everyday portals; just walk right in. Others are invisible or require special skills, equipment, or knoqledge to enter. Examine Doors that won't let you enter to find out what kind they are; if you don't learn on the first examination, try again until you do.

If you bump into a wall and hear an odd melody, it means you are actually going through a Secret, invisible Door (mark this on your Map).

With the right Spell, you can see Secret Doors; they'll look like regular doors, but the odd melody you hear when you go through them tips you off that they're Secret (again, jot this on you Map).

Other door types include: Locked, Bolted, and Enchanted. Each of these can be opened bu only one method: Locked Doors must have Magic Keys (they don't stay unlocked for long). Bolted Doors require Strength (crashing into doors is painful-it can knock off a few Hit Points). Enchanted Doors need Intelligence. Bolted and Enchanted Doors don't always open on the first try. If you can't enter them after repeated efforts, return later and try again.

Some doors are One-Way Doors; you can pass through only from one side...the other side is a solid wall.


Different areas of The Dungeon have different Wall types (the look different): some are regular stone, some are ice crystals, etc. This can be helpful when Mapping.

One-Way Walls are only visible on one side; you can pass through the invisible side, but trying to go through the visible one only proves embarrissing (thud!).

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