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Alternate Reality - The Remake -


Certain articles are necessary for survival; others you'll need in pursuit of Quests.

Torches, Food Packets and Water Flasks, Clothing, Compasses, Timepieces, and Weapons and Armour can be purchased at the Damon & Pythias Shoppe. Buy Potions at Lucky's Potion Brewey. These things can also be found as Treasure (just lying about or acquired after a successful Encounter).

Keys, Gems and Jewels, Money, Crystals, Wands, Scrolls, Trump Cards, Tomes, Eyes, and Horns, as well as other items more difficult to categorize, are only found as Treasure.

Some Treasure may be Magical or Cursed. Magical items are usually very valuable (see Magic); Cursed Treasure brings misery (see Curses).

How many things you can haul around depends on Strength, plus the size and weight of the items you're lugging. Check your Inventory (press E) occasionally to see how efficiently you're managing objects. Otherwise, you may be unpleasantly suprised when you become IMMOBILIZED! and items you Stats don't allow for start falling to the ground (you can still move, but very slowly).

You can drop objects at any time while you're in a Dungeon corridor (pressD). Dropped items can be picked up again (press G), if they haven't been pinched by other creatures or evaporated by Magic.

To use an object press U and follow the prompts. A Compass, if owned, is always in use.

An asterisk ( * ) marks Inventory items you're wearing or wielding.


Unless you can see in the dark, you need Torches. To light Torches, press U. Carry these firebrands as Secondary Weapons (they make okay Primary Weapons against some creatures, especially if you don't have anything else to defend yourself with!).

If your Torch is your Primary Weapon and you want to use something else in that position, switch the Torch to your Seconday Weapon first. If you just "replace" the torch with the new item, the flame dies.

If you drop a Torch or it's knocked out of your hand during battle, it goes out. Don't bother picking it up (you can't relight a dead Torch). Eventually, all Roches burn out, becoming useless, chared sticks.


You enter with a bare miminum of clothing.

Although this is fine for hot areas, you'll be in trouble in ice-cold corridors.

The very best clothes are found in treasure or after an Encounter. You can buy your threads at any shop, but all sales are final and there's no guarantee you'll get your money's worth.

Some clothing is magical and some even offers elements of protection. An Elven Cloak lets you blend into your surroundings, making you harder for enemies to see; Elven Boots add 32 points to you Speed; a Crystal Belt adds 20 points to you Stamina. There are other fantastic duds, but these are the only only ones we're giving away.

Aside from the Magical and protective advantages, clothes also have a "dapper" value. Some life forms are influenced by the style, fabric, or colour of what you wear (and some are outraged by what you don't wearrefrain from traipsing about in the all-together!).

Just carrying clothes around is pointless; you have to wear them to get any benefits. To don attire, press U and follow the prompts.

Food Packets and Water Flasks

When you step through the portal, you're supplied with three Food Packets, three Water Flasks, and three Torches. These are imperative staples!
Eat and drink in moderation; you don't want to overdo and become bloated. If you overundulge, you'll be too stuffed to even drink water (bad news if you're dying of thirst). Potions will be out, too. A gluttonous Adventurer is slow-moving and klutzy in combat.

Use a Food Packet or Water Flask by pressing U, then following the prompts. Replenish your stock at taverns.


This is one of the most important items for a Character to own. Before you leave the starting area to explore the rest of Alternate Reality, go to a shop and buy one (unless, of course, you're able to find one)!

Once purchased, your Compass is displayed at the left of the screen. There are no letters (N, E, W, S) on the Compass, but the arrow always points in the direction you're heading (naturally, north is at the top of the Compass).


There will be occasions when you could use a good Watch. Buy a Timepiece at the D & P (Dungeon) or find it as Treasure after an Encounter.

To use you Timepiece, press U and follow the prompts.

Note: A Timepiece doesn't tell the date (get that info at The Retreat), just the hour.


Magic Keys can be found as Treasure after Encounters. Any Key opens any Locked Door. Once a Magic Key is used, it disappears.

Gems and Jewels

Exchange these valuable items for Money at a bank or the D & P (keep in mind that some Dungeon residents appreciate receiving these baibles as gifts or in trade).


Currency is in Gold, Silver, and Coppers. One Gold piece is worth 10 Silvers; one Silver is worth 10 Coppers.

Some Dungeon establishments insists on payment in items other than cash (Gems, Jewels, Crystals, etc.).


These beautiful stones store magical energy that's used to fuel Wands.

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