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Alternate Reality - The Remake -


Inns offer lodging for a price. They're also Time and Date information centres.

Taverns sell food and drink and offer entertainment. The menus change hourly. Often, the songs sung in a Tavern give you important clues.
Taverns serve alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is also an ingredient in many Potions. Drink in moderation. If you're drunk, movement is hampered, manipulating screens is difficult, and you may even experience blackouts. Find an Inn and sleep it off.

Smithies As you approach a Smithy, you may hear the Smith hammering away on his anvil. New Weapons purchased at a Smithy are never Cursed. But prices (and quality) vary greatly; bartering is essential. When buying a Weapon, remember that each has unique characteristics. For example, a Longsword is a better offensice Weapon than a regular Sword; but the regular Sword is a better defensive Weapon.

Banks offer investment plans for your money. The higher the interest rates, the greater the risk. They sometimes offer money for gems and jewelry. Banks have regular hours; you can't do business in the middle of the night!

Shops offer a variety of wares, usually ornamental. If you become wealthy, you may want to deck yourself out according to your station.

Healers There are Places of Healing in The City. Like vlinivs everywhere, a fee is charged for services. There are some effects of Disease or Poison that don't show up right away, so don't wait! If you're wounded, ill, or poisoned, see a Healer as soon as possible.

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