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You're kidnapped by an alien spaceship and find yourself in a room with only one exit. Through this doorway you see The City of Xebec's Demise. An energy field moves across the opening. Overhead is a panel with constantly changing numbers. As you go through the door, the numbers freeze. This sets you levels of Stamina, Charm, Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Skill, Wealth, and Hit Points. The higher these Stats, the better your chances are in The City. You decide whether you're Good or Evil.

During the first few days, you're extremely vulnerable to foul play. The safest area of The City is near the Floating Gate. Of course, safety isn't your only consideration; there are benefits to discover in the more dangerous locales. But keep a low profile until you're familiar with The City. And avoid Encounters with life forms that are obviously superior (don't tease a Wizard for example!).

Have enough sense to come in out of the rain! Bad characters like bad weather. It's also dangerous to be out at night. Find an Inn and check in before sundown. A good night's sleep does wonders for your Stamina and restores Hit Points.

Keep an eye on your Stats. You can become hungry, thirsty, or tired. Find a Tavern for food and drink, an Inn for rest. You have a little money; use it wisely. A compass, availible in most Shops, is a wise investment. It's helpful to remember that the inventories in Shops and Smithies change daily.

The values at the top of the screen help you decide what action to take. Increasin these levels is important to achieving your goals. Good Stamina is useful in surviving hardships. Charming an opponent, naturally, requires Charm (charisma). Strength gives you an advantage in a fight; Skill helps you avoid blows from an adversary. Intelligence is crucial for tricking your enemies, Wisdom for making decisions. Hit Points are very important: the more you have, the harder you are to kill!

You are closely monitored! Don't think the Stats at the top of the screen make up the whole. Many things, including your personality, are constantly taken into account by the computer. To achieve your goals, be yourself!

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