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Alternate Reality - The Remake -


Guild membership includes the chance to learn Spells. Guilds also offer classes (you guessed it, there's a fee) on honing your Spell-casting talents.

Guilds have a limited number of Spells they can teach. The Spells offered depend on which Spells the Guild has and what your Character Level is. Your Wisdom limits the number of Spells you can acquire (the maximum is 12).

Every Good Spell has an equivalent Evil Spell. Some Evil Spells are slightly less powerfull than Good Spells.
Whether a Spell is Good or Evil depends on the alignment of the Guild you learned it from.

When you Cast a Spell, there's no guarantee it will work! Spells you've learned are listed in your spell inventory, along with your likelihood of successfully casting them (0%-95%). The more you successfully cast a Spell, your ability to use it increases (just as Strength improves with fighting). Also, the better you know a Spell, the more likely it is to be effective.

Different Spells need different amounts of energy. Once you've used up your Ring's power, casting Spells makes you tired. If you're already exhausted, your Hit Points are drained.

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