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Alternate Reality - The Remake -


Image not found! The values at the top of the screen give a lot of important info about your Character.

Stats are increased by magic and by moving up a Character level. They can be descreased by Magic, Disease, Poison, Curses, hunger, thirst, fatigue and other fun factors.

Experience is gained through Encounters with life forms (you start the game with Experience points and Characters Level at 0). The more Encounters you live through, the more experience points you rack up.

When Experience points build to somewhere between 250 and 300, you mvoe up a character level. This usually increases other stat points as well. Each character level requires about twice as many experience points as the one before.

Stamina is important if you're to survive. This Stat determines your health, endurance, and resistance to magic.

Charm determines how other life forms react to you. The higher your Charm, the better your chances are for making friends. "Transactions" (see Encounters) and bargaining are more likely to go well for a charming Character.

Note to the City veterans: There's no battle tactic of "charming" as there is in The City.

Strength is crucial when you're fighting. The stronger you are initially, the better, since you enter The Dungeon armed with nothing but your bare hands (unless you come with Weapons from The City). Later, when you acquire Weapons, your expertiese with them depends on Strength and Skill. Strength also determines the size and number of combat implements you can carry. Prolonged battles in which you're ultimately the victor may improve your Strength.

Intelligence is crucial for casting Spells. Tricking enemies also depends on this Stat, but Tricking is an Evil act (see Moral Alignment).

Skill helps you avoid blows from an adversary. It also aids you in wielding battle Weapons.

Wisdom enhances your Intelligence. It's the Stat that determines how many Spells you can learn and how easily you're able to identify Potions.

Hit Points are very important: the more you have, the harder you are to kill (death occurs when Hit Points go to 0)! As you ascend Character Levels, Hit Points increase.

Note: You are closely monitored! Many things, including your personality, are constantly being taken into account by the computer. But the Stats on the screen don't tell the whole story (there wouldn't be much mystery if they did).

Physical Speed
Speed controls how swiftly you can escape disagreeable Encounters. It also governs how fast you can walk. Speed is adversely affected by many things, including overeating, carrying large loads, and getting too cold.

Moral Alignment
New Characters enter The Dungeon with Neutral morality (neither Good nor Evil). Characters from The City come in with whatever Moral Alignment they earned there. You're responsible for you own Moral Alignment. Being Evil may be easier in the short run, but Good is probably the better overall.

Evil acts include: Attacking Good or Neutral life forms with no provocation, Tricking any life form (yes, it's Evil to trick evil life forms!), and Stealing.

You must really be on your toes to develop and maintain a Good Character! Avoid battles whenever you can and be careful about which Guilds you join. Good deeds are remembered. As in real life, the straight an narrow is not the easy path (but is should offer greater power)!

Use common sense in determining what makes up Good or Evil behaviour. If something seems like a nasty thing to do, it probably is!

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