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Alternate Reality - The Remake -



Cold Wand

Does "Cold Damage" to all monsters (especially valuable against Flame Demons).

Fire Wand

Does "Fire Damage" to all monsters.

Paralysis Wand

Paralyzes all monsters; they can't fight back until the paralysis wears off.

Fear Wand

Makes most monsters retreat in terror. However, there are a few beasts so vile that the Fear Wand only makes them vicious with rage, causing them to attack.

Light Wand

Gives you approximately 6 hours of light (use it if you have no Torch or other means of illumination).

Healing Wand

Restores up to 50 lost Hit Points.


These can be used a limited number of times, then they disappear. So use them only when absolutely necessary.

Ruby Eye

Does "Fire Damage" to all monsters.

Emerald Eye

Does "Water Damage" to all monsters (especially valuable against Flame Demons).

Sapphire Eye

Does "Air Damage" to all monsters.

Amber Eye

Does "Earth Damage" to all monsters.

Wizards's Eye

Lets you see Secret Doors and gives you light (for a limited time).

Hypnotic Eye

Bewilders all monsters. This keeps them from hitting you unless you hit them first.


Blow these magical Horns to get special benefits. When their music is exhausted, the Horns dematerialize.


This Cornucopia adds 5 Food Packets and 5 Water Flasks to your Inventory.


This instrument does melodic mayhem to Evil monsters.


This healing Horn restores your Hit points to their highest possible level.

Weapons & Armour

There are many types of Weapons and Armour. Any item's "battle value" is determined by: the type of creature fighting you; your Moral Alignment; your Strength and Skill levels; and wether your battle accountrements are Magical.

Some Weapons and Armour, even Magical ones, can wear out or break (you'll usually be warned so you can get them repaired). Broken implements simply disappear.

There are four ways to get Weapons and Armour:

1. Find them after an Encounter;
2. Find them after uncovering a Treasure;
3. Buy them at the D & P;
4. Buy them from a smithy.

Press U to use a Weapon or piece of Armour. You'll be asked whether you want to use a Weapon as a Primary or Secondary Weapon. Your Primary Weapon is the one that's ready to use immideately; the Secondary is ready at a moment's notice. There's an options during Encounters to Switch from Primary to Secondary Weapon (see Encounters).

There's no "ideal" Weapon that works against all life forms, so a wise Adventurer will carry more than one kind of Weapon.

Some Weapons are best handled with both hands (staffs, for example); if you're using a Secondary Weapon at the same time, you won't wield the two-handed Weapon too effectively.

Bigger weapons are nastier than smaller ones (suprise), but are harder to handle. If you're puny or clumsy (or both), don't even think about using Great Swords or Triple Irons.

NOTE: If your Stats don't allow you to use a certain Weapon, try using it two-handed; select it as your Primary Weapon and don't use a Secondary one.

Armour comes in pieces for protecting specific body parts: head (helmets, caps), torso (breastplates, mail coats), legs (greaves, leggings), and arms (gauntlets). Any Mail offers more protection than Quilted or Leather Armour and Plate Armour is more effective than Mail (Crystal Plate is even stronger than Plate).

Cursed Weapons & Armour
If you pick up a Cursed Weapon or Armour, you become Cursed. Even if you drop the Cursed object, you're still Cursed (find a Guild that's willing to help you out of this predicament).

When you find Weapons or Armour, check your Stats after picking up each piece. This way you can know which ones (if any) are Cursed.

Enchanted Weapons & Armour
Several Spells can temporarily enchant Weapons and Armour. You can even add extra zap to Magical armaments by enchanting them (a "double whammy").

If you need to "un-enchant" a Weapon in a hurry, press U and select the Weapon. Simply Switching Weapons during combat won't remove the enchantment.

Some Weapons are sensitive to Good and Evil (and even to degrees of Good and Evil). Evil Characters that use Good Magical Weapons will suffer. If you do something strange (morality-wise), your Weapons may let you know about it.

Example: You're a Good Character, carrying a Good sword. You try to stab a harmless Pauper (obviously not the action of a Good Guy). The sword screams in fury and drains your Hit Points! Will the Weapon ever calm down? Not likely. Lose it immediately. Any other Good Weapons could turn riotous, too.

Some items don't wait for you to make mistakes; they have minds of their own. For no apparent reason they'll become obstinate, drain you Hit Points, burst into flames....whatever is most inconvenient at the time.

A few Weapons require ammunition. For example, you obviously can't use a crossbow without quarrels.

You can only load ammunition into your Primary Weapon (if the one you want to load is Secondary switch). When you load a Weapon, any ammo left from a previous loading is discarded (so don't reload until absolutely necessary). An ammo-metre (a number in [ ] after the ammo's name) lets you know how many shots are left.

Unusual Weapons
Everyone has a pretty good idea of what Swords, Battle Hammers, and Flails are. However, some Dungeon Weapons are a little more exotic. The following list defines these:

BASELARD Short Sword/Dagger
CINQUEDEA Wide-bladed Dagger
CLAYMORE Heavy Broadsword that requires Two-handed use
CROSSBOW Firing Device made by Dwarves; uses a clip of Quarrels
DAITO Curved Samurai Swords that needs Two-Handed use
FALCHION Curved Sword; wider at the tip
GLADIUS Roman-style Short Sword
GLAIVE Hooked War Scythe
KATANA Curved Samurai Sword
KATAR Triangular-bladed Punching Dagger
KRIS Wave-bladed Knife
KUKRI Curved-bladed Longknife with the edge on the inner arc
KUSARIKAMA Hand Scythe with a long chain attached to the handle
NUNCHAKU Flail formed by two metal rods linked by a short chain
SKEAN Short Dagger
STILETTO Long, narrow Dagger
TRIPLE IRONS Three metal rods linked together with a chain

Magical Scrolls have special powers. You can only use them once, then they disapear.

This Scroll adds Fire Damage (up to 1 hour's worth) to any Weapon being used.

This Scroll adds Cold Damage (up to 1 hour's worth) to any Weapon being used.

This Scroll adds enhancement (up to 1 hor's worth) to a blunt Weapon.

This Scroll restores any Weapons or Armour you're currently using to their former glory.

Remove Curse
This Scroll gets rid of all Curses you're saddled with.

Wizards Eye
This Scroll has a short-term effect that lets you see Secret Doors and gives you light.

Trump Cards

These magical cards have special powers. Except for the King of Wands, the High Priestess, and the Fool, the effects of cards aren't time-limited. Cards disappear after use.

The Star adds 20 valuable Crystals to your Inventory.

The Fool temporarily increases your Luck.

The Heirophant summons a Healer.

Death kills practically any monster. Just remember, if you're confronted by a multitude of monsters, this card kills only one of them!

Ace of Cups gives you a new beginning with Guilds you were previously enemies with.

The Chariot increases your Skill by 1 point.

Strength increases you Strength by 1 point.

Ace of Wands relieves fatigue.

Temperance cures Drunkenness.

King of Wands confers invulnerability to Fire (up to 3 hours).

Page of Cups cures hunger and thirst and their effects.

Ace of Pentacles adds 100 Gold pieces to your Inventory.

High Priestess give you limited protection from all attacks for up to 6 hours.


These powerful books deliver special skills. Use them once, then they melt away. Their effects aren't time limited.

Tome of Knowledge adds 1 point to your Intelligence.

Tome of Understanding adds 1 point to your Wisdom.

Tome of Leadership adds 1 point to your Charm.


There are many different Potions. Some are advantageous in advancing you Character; others are detrimental. Many Potions effects are temporary or time-limited. To drink a Potion in your inventory, press U and follow the prompts.

Wisdom helps you perceive a Potion's contents.

One way to ascertain the contents of an unidentified Potion is to gulp it down.
You can also examine a potion to try and determine what kind of potion it is. You can Taste, Sip or Examine a potion.

Tasting a potion can result in the following type of taste:
  • bitter
  • sweet
  • plain
  • sour
  • salty
  • acidic
  • alkaline
  • dry

Sipping a potion can result in the following types:
  • save
  • dangerous
  • caution

Examing a potion can result in the following colors:
  • clear
  • amber
  • silver
  • black
  • red
  • white
  • green
  • yellow
  • orange

Many Potions are unstable and disappear during examination. The only other way is to go to Lucky's Potion Brewery. For a fee, Lucky analyzes and identifies your Potions. Lucky also sells Potions, so you'd best stock up while you're there.

If you can't make it to Lucky's (or can't afford his services), some Potions, like Strength and Invulnerability, make Potion-chug-a-lugging worth any possible risk.

Potions of Inebriation aren't fatal, but they'll make you wish you were dead! When tipsy, your movements have all the grace of a sick sandcrab; you pick fights you couldn't possible win; and you generally act like a total nincompoop. Find a Temperance Card or sleep it off (a smashed Adventurer is nobody to be proud of!).

Below is a partial list of Potions; the brew's name gives you a good idea of its effects.

Potions of Fleetness, Strength, Intelligence, Charisma, and Dexterity five you time-limited (up to 8 hours) increases in your Speed, Strength, Intelligence, Charm, and Skill, respectively.

Invulnerability Blunt, Sharp, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Mental, and Cold give you temporary armour against attacks involving these elements. Example: Invulnerability Sharp gives you protection against Swords, Daggers, etc.

Endurance relieves fatigue.

Regeneration is a phenomenal Potion to use during battle: it increases your Hit Points by 2 per minute for up to 1 hour.

Potions of Super Vision temporarily give you the power to observe Secret Doors and to see in the dark. Infravision lets you see in the dark (for up to 8 hours).

Cleanse, Antidote, and Restoration Potions cure Diseases, clean out Poison, and cure all wounds, respectively.

Healing Potions restore up to 25 lost Hit Points.

Hemlock causes the loss of 2 Hit Points every 20 minutes.

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